What to Do When You Get Caught in a Tornado While Inside Your Car



The strong winds from tornado can pick up debris and deposit it miles away from its location. If the winds are strong enough, a car can even be picked up and blown over by this natural disaster.  It is possible to be caught in weather, especially at its most severe.  What should you do if you are in your car? 


Even if you are in a car and driving toward it and feel the need to outrun it, do not. Just because you are inside a car does not mean that you are safe. Trying to outrun a tornado is definitely a bad idea. Tornadoes can travel up to 60 mph and even over. They do not follow road patterns. Just because you think you can drive a 90-degree angle in the opposite direction of the tornado, it is still not a good strategy as it can change direction at any given moment. 


The right thing to do when stuck in a car 


If you are driving and you see a tornado developing, just pull over and step out of the vehicle. Look for shelter in the form of a sturdy building. Never even consider hiding under the car. The wind can still potentially roll it over and crush you. If there is no shelter in sight, look for a ditch or any area that is low and will let you crouch to the ground. When you do this, cover your head using your arms. 


Other possible shelters that you can go to could be bank or restaurant. The latter have walk-in freezers and they can withstand tornadoes. The more walls between the tornado and yourself make you safer. 


Seeking shelter in an underpass is a myth 


Do not seek shelter in underpasses. It may seem safe but this is not true. Anything that leaves you having something over your head is not safe. The wind from the tornado can still accelerate and the small area in the underpass can still be a place for the tornado to hurl something at you. 


The important thing to know about severe weather is that the minute there is a tornado warning, do not leave the house. If you are already out of the house, look for shelter – immediately. Know where you are and listen to the warnings issued by that county. Keep an ever-watchful eye on the sky as well. 


Heavy rains and stuck in car 


If you are in your car and a flood is blocking your way due to the heavy rain, do not drive through itThis is incredibly dangerous and can cause damage so serious and costly to your vehicle and yourself "Turn Around, Don't Drown" is a good motto to go by when dealing with flood waters.   

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