When leasing a new Buick or GMC vehicle, GM will remain the owner of the vehicle for the length of lease contract. At the end of the lease you will have the option to purchase the vehicle. 
When you purchase a new Buick or GMC vehicle from Fletchs Buick GMC you will own the vehicle outright at the end of your financial contract. 
Lease payments for your new GMC or Buick are usually lower than when you purchased a vehicle. 
 Payments are lower because you are paying for the vehicle's depreciation. Rental charges, sales tax, use tax and other fees may also be associated with leasing a vehicle.

When you purchase a new GMC or Buick your monthly payments are often higher because you are paying the purchase price, taxes, interest and fees.

Leasing a Buick or GMC does come with a few restrictions.  The most widely know restriction is mileage.  Your lease contract will outline a specific amount of miles you can drive in one year.  If you go over those miles, you will pay for each mile over the yearly allotted miles. 
Your lease may restrict if a vehicle can be relocated to another state. 
When purchasing a new Buick or GMC you have no restriction on the mileage you can drive.  
There maybe other restriction depending on who you financed your vehicle through.  

Wear and Tear
You are required to maintain your leased GMC or Buick vehicle including paying for wear and tear.  At the end of your lease, you may be charge for wear and tear if not maintained. 
 When you purchase a new Buick or GMC   vehicle, you are not required to maintain   the vehicle.  
You are required to keep insurance on your leased vehicles.  Specific insurance requirements are outlined in your lease contract. 
You are required to keep insurance on your purchased vehicle as outline in your financial contract.  If the vehicle is paid in full, you must full state laws. 

Vehicle Return
At the end of your Buick or GMC lease you will need to choice between returning or purchasing your vehicle. 
At the end of your financial agreement, you own your vehicle.  It is up to you to keep, sell or trade it. 

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